Hughesville Dam Tree Planting - Musconetcong River

The tree planting will take place on Thursday and Friday from 10am- 3:30pm and on Saturday from 10am- 2pm and we will be meeting at 608 County Rd 627, Bloomsbury, NJ 08804. Although the GPS address is Bloomsbury, the site is actually south of Bloomsbury, in Warren Glen, just south of the Route 519 intersection. We need as many volunteers as we can get, preferably over the age of 17 since these are big trees that we are working with. If possible, please come and ask anyone that is able to help, including friends, family, and neighbors, to join us.

There are about 50 trees to be planted all in all. Donuts, coffee, and water will be provided. We ask our volunteers to please bring a bagged lunch but there is also a deli across the street, the Glen Warren Market, where you can purchase lunch. We also ask volunteers to please bring the following items if they have access to them: spades and shovels, 5 gallon spackle buckets (which we may need) wire cutters, gloves, and a crow bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated and it would mean a lot to have help there