Fundraising/ Banquet information


Auctions and raffles are a popular way for chapters and councils to raise funds to support their local activities, and the Fundraising Program was designed to help you in that effort. Simply login to as a chapter leader and access the access the Tackle Box via the Leaders Only Tools (located in the "Get Involved" header drop down).
This fundraising program displays partnering companies that want to support our grassroots efforts with a selection of their newest products. Discounted merchandise at margins up to 50% directly affects your success in raising needed funds for your chapter's or council's projects and operations.
Please plan for your banquet or fundraising event in advance, as some items could have 4-6 week delivery times.

Should you require additional information on TU's fundraising and banquet program, please contact Nick Halle at


How do I access the TU Fundraising and Banquet Program?


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