Finding balance between the environment and drilling and fracking

Drilling on public lands

There’s no doubt this country needs energy. But the development of that energy often comes at a cost to hunters and anglers. Trout Unlimited supports responsible drilling, but we also acknowledge there are some places that are simply too important and too special to develop. Places such as the Wyoming Range in Wyoming, or the Thompson Divide in Colorado are critical fisheries and important big game areas and need to be protected from unnecessary drilling and the infrastructure that comes with them.

Over the years, TU has been an outspoken advocate for responsible drilling, keeping wild habitat intact, but also working directly with industry to find the best solutions to achieve that balance.

Fracking and our fishing

Clean water is one of our greatest natural resources and it’s up to us to keep it that way. The concern over fracking and water supplies is something we take seriously.  To that end, Trout Unlimited is working to increase transparency in chemicals used in the fracking process up front, not after a well is fracked. We also are supportive of improving the well integrity standards.  Often the issues with contamination of water supplies result from poor well integrity allowing chemical to reach ground water or waterways.  We also want to ensure that drilling fluids are appropriately handled on the site and disposed of in the proper manner.


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