Press Contacts

Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt is TU’s national editorial director in charge of digital content. He is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Call Chris: (208) 406-9106
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Randy Scholfield

Randy Scholfield is TU's Southwest region communications director, covering Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. He is based in Denver.
Call Randy: (720) 375-3961
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Shauna Sherard

Shauna Sherard is the Northwest region communications director and the national communications coordinator. Shauna covers Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and coordinate national press efforts. She is based in southwest Montana.
Call Shauna: (307) 630-0589
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Josh Duplechian

Josh Duplechian is TU's video and creative director. He is based in Denver.
Call Josh: (208) 241-4026
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Jenny Weis

Jenny Weis is the communications director and digital advocacy specialist for TU’s Alaska Program. She is based in Anchorage.
Call Jenny: (952) 210-7095
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Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter is the editor of TROUT Magazine. He is based in Pine, Colo.
Call Kirk: (303) 838-8708
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Samantha Carmichael

Samantha Carmichael is the deputy editor of TROUT Magazine. She is based in Washington, D.C.
Call Samantha: (703) 284-9422
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Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson is the California Communications Director.  He is based on the Central Coast of California.
Call Sam: (831) 235-2542.
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Brett Prettyman

Brett Prettyman is the Intermountain region communications director, covering Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. He is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Call Brett: (801) 209-5320.
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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is the Eastern region communications director. He covers all states east of the Mississippi River, and is based in Roanoke, Va.
Call Mark: (540) 353-3556.

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