Eastern Brook Trout Conservation Portfolio, Range-wide Assessment and Focal Area Tools

Trout Unlimited developed three conservation planning products to help identify strategic conservation opportunities and evaluate potential projects within the range of Eastern Brook Trout (EBT) in the eastern US.  The Conservation Portfolio uses the 3-R framework (Representation, Resiliency, and Redundancy) to evaluate each EBT population patch for its resiliency to disturbances, likelihood of demographic persistence, and representation of genetic, life history, and geographic diversity. The Range-wide habitat integrity and future security assessment uses broad-scale GIS information to characterize the general habitat condition and vulnerability of EBT patches.  The focal area analyses add regional data sources to provide additional resolution on habitat condition and threats within specific geographies. Taken together, the products allow us to characterize the continuum of viability, habitat condition, and vulnerability of EBT populations and the corresponding conservation strategies they likely require. This project was supported by funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Reports and tools associated with this project:

EBT Conservation Portfolio, Range-wide Assessment, and Focal Area assessment report
Appendix 1: Range-wide habitat integrity and future security factor data sources
Appendix 2: Focal area data sources
Appendix 3: Focal area tool user guide
Appendix 4: Focal area tool example applications
EBT Portfolio and Range-wide assessment webmap
Upper Connecticut focal area tool
Upper Delaware focal area tool
Upper Susquehanna focal area tool
Upper Chesapeake focal area tool

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