Engineered specifically to overcome the growing challenge of selective trout, Waterwisp flies represent a quantum leap in fly design.  They are specially built to present the most natural profile.  They ride higher, float longer and work better than ordinary dry flies.  Because of their patented design and balance, Waterwisp flies land upright and are virtually splash proof.  Even inexperienced flyfishers will find them almost impossible to drown with a less-than-perfect cast.

How to order from Waterwisp
Waterwisp is offering nearly their entire product line.  Below are some highlights.  To find out exactly what is being offered and the fundraising price, please download the order form.  For details on individual flies, connect to Waterwisp's website.  Send your completed order form directly to Waterwisp (the order form tells you how).

Waterwisp Flies
Take a good look at a Waterwisp.  It appears to be tied backwards and upside down.  The eye is at the tail of the fly.  The hook faces up and is hidden by the hackle.  From above, Waterwisp looks funky - like a fly without a hook.  From below, it looks uncannily like an insect just alighting on the water.  Hence the name - Waterwisp.

Look closer.  The Waterwisp body curves like the real thing.  The wings rise or lie back naturally.  The hackle is soft and supple.  The tying is precise, correct and durable.  The special high carbon steel hook is specifically shaped for balance, presentation and secure hooking. 

Boxed 12-Fly Assortment
A great way to try a basic sample of flies. Makes a great gift too.



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