Important TU Policies

TU Litigation Policy (2017)
TU's updated litigation procedures for volunteer leaders and staff
Social Media Policy - PDF (2016)
This policy sets out several requirements and recommendations to help officers and directors safeguard TU funds and other chapter and council assets. 
This policy provides guidance for TU’s conservation activities as they relate to land and water use associated with energy development, production, transmission and transportation as it affects coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.
TU's resolution and guidance document for the NLC resolution on stocking non-native hatchery trout over native trout populations
A comprehensive question and answer document created to help grassroots members understand and support the resolution.

Trout Unlimited Policy on the Ownership of Interests in Real Property (2012)
This Policy establishes the process for the review and approval of the current ownership of interests in real property, and of the acquisition of such interests in the future by TU, its chapters and councils.

Definitions of Terms Used in TU's Policy on the Ownership of Interests in Real Property (2012)

Checklist for the Acquisition of Fee Property (2012)

Resolution Concerning the Prohibition of Holding Interests in Conservation Easements (2012)

Operating Procedures for Early Chapter Development (2011)
A Board of Trustees resolution concerning the development of sub-chapters and converting them into chapters.

Bylaws and Policies Resolution (2011)
TU's resolution concerning bylaws and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees

Land Ownership Resolution (2011)
TU's resolution on ownership of property in real fee

TU Privacy Policy (2011)
TU's privacy statement for volunteer that demonstrates our firm commitment our members privacy concerns

Logo and Brand Policy (2011)
TU's policy on logo and brand use by volunteers and staff

TU Sexual Abuse Policy (2009)
TU's sexual abuse policy for volunteer leaders and staff

Trout Unlimited & Land Conservation (2009)
This document outlines how TU will accomplish our vital land conservancy work in a manner consistent with the structure, operations, and organization of TU.

TU Policy on Piscicide Use for Conserving Native Trout and Salmon (2006)
A policy to provide guidance for TU actions regarding piscicide use for native fish conservation

Stream Access Policy (2006)
TU’s policy to govern the involvement of TU staff, councils and chapters in disputes related to public access to rivers, streams, and lakes for recreational purposes.

North American Salmonid Policy (1998)
A scientific guide to salmonids and the necessity of conservation

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