Our Best Fish and Game Habitat

There's a visceral connection between intact, healthy habitat and the success anglers can expect afield. Thankfully, we're blessed with some quality habitat on public lands all across the country--this land is the birthright of every American, and keeping it healthy and functional is good for fish and game, as well as those of us who value quality fishing and hunting in some of the most special places in the nation.

TU works with anglers and hunters all across the country to identify the "best of what's left" and find collaborative ways to protect it for today's sportsmen and women and for coming generations of anglers and hunters. It's simple, really. In Wyoming, for instance, TU worked with sportsmen and other conservation groups to protect the Wyoming Range from new and unnecessary oil and gas drilling. In New Mexico, we helped protect the priceless Valle Vidal, and the Rio Grande Gorge,  and in Montana, TU spearheaded efforts to protect the fabled Rocky Mountain Front.

In Idaho and Colorado, TU worked to protect about 13 million acres of healthy backcountry habitat that is absolutely vital to wild and native trout and salmon, as well as irreplaceable deer and elk herds. We continue to work with our conservation partners, state and federal agencies, and elected officials to identify the healthiest fish and game habitat, determine its social and economic value, and use that data to protect it in perpetuity. Our solutions are created from the bottom up, and, in the long run, they simply making fishing and hunting better.


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