Outreach + Education

Headwaters Youth Program

TU’s Headwaters Youth Program is a comprehensive introduction to trout and salmon conservation for America’s young people, ranging from Stream Explorers as primary students all the way to it’s Five Rivers Program for college students. It encompasses the popular Trout in the Classroom project, as well. By interacting with youth, TU not only hopes to introduce young people to the conservation science behind trout and salmon, but the joy of angling for wild fish in the waters where they belong.

First Cast Program

TU is blessed by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers, and the First Cast Program hopes to tap into their expertise, and work with those volunteers to introduce young people to TU and to trout and salmon conservation via fly fishing using a proven curriculum and the enthusiasm of our grassroots.

Veterans Services Partnership

The Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) is TU's initiative to serve our nation’s veterans and active military, able and disabled, their spouses, and their families and involve them with TU chapter activities with the ultimate goal of engaging them in meaningful and sustaining ways with the TU community locally and the mission more universally.

My Healthy Stream: Landowner and Partner Materials

The 2nd Edition of My Healthy Stream -- A Handbook for Streamside Owners is now available along with a companion slide presentation. The intent of the handbook is to provide practical and scientifically sound guidance on the stewardship of small streams and riparian areas. The new edition includes a chapter on urban stream rehabilitation. Other chapters discuss values of healthy streams, establishing riparian buffer zones, dealing with invasive species, trout habitat needs, stream restoration techniques and dealing with floods and droughts.


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