Fundraising Program

Welcome to Trout Unlimited's Fundraising Program. Auctions and raffles are a popular way for chapters to raise funds, and this catalog was designed to help you in that effort. Additionally, many vendors are happy to extend these discounts to help your chapter get youth education or veterans outreach programs off the ground. Certain vendors also offer discounted pricing on gear that chapters can purchase and keep for use in chapter events

Nick Halle ( is the point of contact for all things fundraising. If you wish to look at the offerings from our vendors, would like to place an order, or have any questions about the Fundraising Program, please contact Nick Halle, Volunteer Operations Coordinator, at

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Program Guidelines

  • This program is for TU chapter and council purposes only. This discounted gear is never to be used personally. 
  • All orders are to be sent to Nick Halle at, not directly to the vendor. Please see the ordering instructions particular to each vendor for details. If the vendor has questions about your order, they may call you directly.
  • Please attach one Contact Information Page as a cover sheet for all of your orders. This form is where you will list your shipping and billing information, so that you do not need to list it on every order you fill out.  This form will be sent to each vendor with your order for their product.  If you are ordering from a vendor that does not have a TU order form there is no need to submit a Contact Information Page.
  • If you have questions about your order, contact Nick Halle at
  • Only the products listed on these pages are available for ordering through this program.
  • Exchanges on sizes, or damaged product can be made directly with the vendor.
  • Exchanges or returns on product, other than for size or damage purposes, are not permissible.
  • Purchases are to be made with credit card only. For security puporses, please do not include your credit card number on any of the fundraising program forms - once you submit the forms to Nick Halle (, he will pass the forms along to the appropriate contacts at the companies you wish to order from. The company will then call you for your payment information directly.
  • Sales tax - Please refer to sales tax guidelines indicated on each order form. If you are in a state that would be taxed, you can present a sales tax exemption certificate for your individual state at the time of ordering - however, this only applies if you are paying with a credit card linked to your chapter bank account. (Chapters and councils are responsible for applying for their own sales tax exemption certificate because the various state laws that govern sales tax exemption make it extremely difficult for TU national to apply on behalf of local chapter and councils.) If a member of your chapter is ordering from their personal accounts, sales tax will be charged if applicable - the chapter should reimburse the member to include the sales tax paid and the chapter should apply for tax reimbursement through their state at the end of the year.

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