CostaCosta is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our salt and fresh water ecosystems and fisheries. 


How to order from Costa 
Costa is offering sunglasses at 50% off of retail. To see thefull range of style and color options, visit Costa's website. Contact Nick Halle at for an access code to receive this discount. Each code is good for one pair of discounted glasses. Costa will charge and ship your order directly to your chapter contact.


Costa's Technology: Better Design, Better Vision

Lens Colors:

  • Gray: Watersports, beach activities and offshore fishing in bright sun conditions
  • Amber: Fishing in fresh, shallow waters or flats and driving in all sun conditions
  • Vermillion: Inshore fishing, snow and mountain sports in overcast or low light conditions
  • Blue Mirror: (Gray based) Offshore fishing and most water sports in bright sun conditions
  • Green Mirror: (Amber based) Inshore and freshwater fishing in variable conditions
  • Copper: Sight fishing, driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed


Lens Types:

  • Costa 580: Our patented lenses incorporate an advanced filtering compound into the lens material that reduces yellow light. This delivers enhanced colors and better visual acuity in any conditions



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