Youth Member Communication Best Practices

Youth member contact information is to be used solely for chapter or council related business and must be in compliance with Trout Unlimited's Privacy Policy. Youth member contact information should never be used for external purposes without consent of the youth's parent or guardian. Commercial or personal use of youth member data is expressly prohibited. Trout Unlimited chapters and councils may not use member data (youth or adult) for solicitations of products or services and this data may not be shared, sold or rented to third parties for any reason. 

Youth member contact information is available for download in the Leaders Only Tools section of Please note that a seperate radio button must be selected to access data for youth - they do not pull through to your regular chapter/ council roster. Trout Unlimited recommends that chapters and councils contact youth members with specific communications, invitations, etc... and not target youth with every item that may not be age-appropriate for members under 18. 
For more information about general liability concerns related to youth such as sample parental consent forms, application to purchase supplemental accident insurance, TU's sexual abuse policy and more, visit:


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