Membership Tools

Membership Memo
Recruiting, chapter designations, rebates, rosters and more are explained in detail.

Membership Surveys
Learn more about developing and implementing effective membership surveys, which can be an excellent tool for chapters and council to obtain information from their members.

Membership Acquisition Forms and Brochures
Recruit new members to TU to get the new member rebate for your chapter.

New Member Welcome Letter
A Word document template you can use to create a customized letter welcoming new members to your chapter.

Style and Media Guide
Download various TU logos, stock photos, and find all the information you need to comply with TU's logo usage rules and guidelines.

TU Event Printshop
The TU Event Printshop allows you to create fast, easy, affordable and high-quality printed materials to promote your chapter or council events. Using the simple online templates, you can design and order posters, postcards, event tickets and more within minutes.

Annual Meetings
Information related to past, current and future annual meetings.

Lines to Leaders
Archived issues of the Volunteer Operations monthly e-newsletter for volunteer leaders.

Trout Unlimited/Fly Rod & Reel newsletter
Archived issues of the Trout Unlimited and Fly Rod & Reel e-newsletter for TU Members and Fly Rod & Reel magazine subscribers.

TU Veteran's Service Program
Learn more about TU’s efforts to serve U.S. veterans throughout the country, through conservation projects and fly fishing instruction.

Update Chapter Member's Information
Use this spreadsheet to update the contact information for members in your chapter.

TU Volunteer Mentors
If you're a new volunteer leader or just new to your position, please consider reaching out to one of these TU volunteer leaders that has offered their contact information to you in the hopes they might be able to mentor you in your new role.

Women in Trout Unlimited
Learn more about TU's efforts to involve more women in TU's mission, engage more women in volunteer leadership and increase the number of female TU members.

Regional Meetings
Handouts, agendas, post-meeting evaluations and presentations from past and current TU regional meetings.

Resources for New Volunteer Leaders
Various tools, checklist, and best practices designed to help new volunteer leaders.

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