Our damaged habitat and improve opportunity

Trout Unlimited works all across the country restoring degraded trout and salmon waters and making them viable and fishable once again. We work with landowners, state and federal agencies, local communities and our corps of volunteer anglers to return once-healthy trout streams to their former greatness.

Sometimes, this includes simple fixes, like working with ranchers to keep livestock out of streams or replanting streamside vegetation to provide cover and shade for trout. Sometimes, repairs are more profound, and require heavy construction equipment and involve transforming mistreated streams into fully functional riparian habitat again.

Restoring waters to habitable trout streams is a TU hallmark, and it’s a task we and our members take seriously. Not only do we rebuild trout and salmon habitat, but by doing so, we improve our fishing opportunity, for this generation and those to come.

Over the years, we've restored trout streams all across America, from the rainforests of southeast Alaska to the Driftless Area of the upper Midwest to the brook trout streams in the Southern Appalachians. Our staff and our volunteers have put in the hours to improve habitat and make fishing better. 


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