Is my renewal donation tax-deductible?


Yes, Trout Unlimited membership dues are tax-deductible however, per IRS guidelines, the retail value of TROUT magazine or any other member benefits received must be subtracted from the amount of your membership dues. The IRS considers magazines like TROUT to be of commercial quality, therefore you must deduct the retail value of $3.00 per issue / $12.00 per year from your dues gift. Check with your tax advisor for more information.

I never subtracted the value of TROUT magazine from my dues gift before.  Is this new?

Yes, this is new. Over the years, the quality of TROUT magazine has improved to the point that Trout Unlimited has now been advised that it has a retail value ($3.00 per issue / $12.00 per year).

Is my renewal/join gift tax-deductible?

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