TU: Interior Department Report names solid candidates for permanent protection

Thu, 11/10/2011

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TU: Interior Department Report names solid candidates for permanent protection

Nominated locations have support of local communities, sportsmen

Washington, D.C. — The locations recommended for permanent protection in the Interior Department's report released today in Washington are largely the products of local involvement and enjoy the support of local communities as well as hunters and anglers, said Steve Moyer, vice president for government affairs for Trout Unlimited.

"We certainly appreciate the Interior Department's willingness to recommend congressional action to achieve long-term protection of some of the country's most intact public lands," Moyer said. "The report highlights special places that were recommended for protection by local communities and are products of extensive public involvement from citizens, including sportsmen and women."

Many of the locations recommended for protection in the report boast high-quality fish and game habitat, and offer stellar hunting and fishing opportunity. Existing congressional efforts to protect many of the landscapes identified in the report were generated by local citizens, county commissioners, sportsmen and others.

"This report recognizes the role of sportsmen and local interests in defining areas in need of protection." Moyer said. "As a conservation organization that works to keep intact fish and game habitat whole, we look forward to working with Congress to pass legislation for those areas most worthy of protection."


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