Agua Boa Lodge

Agua Boa Lodge
Dan, Jeff & Pat Vermillion
PO Box 668
Livingstorn, MT 59047-0668


About us


Formerly known as the Royal Amazon Lodge, the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located on a small clear water tributary of the Amazon perfectly suited for sight fishing for all three species of peacock bass, arowana, pacu and other Amazon gamefish.  The river is flanked by Varzea flood forest and Gallery forests still in pristine shape. The crowns of many of the hardwood trees in the Gallery forest reach heights of 200 feet and all of the species are still present. It is not uncommon to find beaches filled with the tracks of the endangered Amazon River turtles, tapir and even jaguar. Nothing could be more spectacular for an angler than the return ride to the lodge after a great day of fishing through meandering bends of this great watershed as the forest comes to life each evening.

What we do

The lodge is a spacious facility with a large dining room, a living room, bar and game room.  Clients stay in well furnished air-conditioned bungalows complete with a large three piece washroom that has hot and cold running water.  Outside there is a 20-meter swimming pool, bar area, volleyball court, and soccer field.

Where we do it

The rivers and tributaries around the Royal Amazon Lodge are rich and diverse. Possible species include the three species of peacocks: the butterfly (up to 10 pounds), the paca or spotted (up to 20 pounds), and the temensis (up to 24 pounds).  Peacock Bass are perhaps one of the toughest gamefish around. Their topwater strike is often so ferocious that the entire fish will fly several feet of the water with the fly. Once hooked peacocks exhibit a savvy toughness unknown to trout and largemouth fisherman. 


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