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About us


BEG Group LLC offers the first plant based erosion/filtration sock product on the market. Our Phalanx Bio Switch™, winner of a national environmental award for groundwater and soil for 2017, is the original switchgrass sock to be nationally certified as a 100% biobased/biopreferred erosion/filtration medium by the USDA Biopreferred Program . Our Big Switch® erosion/filtration medium, is the first ever switchgrass sock to be called out as highly qualified and exceptionally valued for use on highly sensitive environmental projects by Pa DEP and PennDOT. Big Switch® is now approved in other states including West Virginia and Ohio. Our latest offering, PBS Switch Chinking™, has won a national environmental protection award for groundwater and soil for 2018. Phalanx Bio Switch™ and PBS Switch Chinking™ warrant a field longevity of 6 months before they begin to degrade while Big Switch® has a field longevity past one year. BEG Group is the 2018 Excellence In Environmental Stewardship award winner within the NE U.S. Oil and Gas industry!

What we do 

BEG Group erosion/filtration sock are generally placed along the perimeter of a site, or at intervals along a slope, to capture and treat storm water that runs off as sheet flow. Big Switch® and Phalanx Bio Switch filters are flexible and can be filled and easily moved into position, making them especially useful on steep or rocky slopes where installation of other erosion control tools is not feasible. With our product there is greater surface area contact with soil than typical sediment control devices, thereby reducing the potential for runoff to create rills under the device and/or create channels carrying unfiltered sediment.


Additionally, they can be laid adjacent to each other, perpendicular to storm water flow, to reduce flow velocity and soil erosion. Big Switch® and Phalanx Bio Switch can also be used on pavement as inlet protection for storm drains and to slow water flow in small ditches. Our Erosion/Filters are 8,12,18, and 24 inches in diameter.

Where we do it

BEG Group nontoxic plant based erosion/filtration sock is used nationally on environmentally sensitive wetland areas including, rivers, streams and other waterways.


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