Catch Fly Fishing

Catch Fly Fishing
Joshua Abel
Billings, MT 59102

About us

Catch Fly Fishing designs and manufactures innovative fly designs for the fly fishing industry. Based out of Billings, Montana, Catch Fly Fishing was formed in 2012 as a partnership between industry veteran and signature designer, Eric Beebe and several angling enthusiasts around the Pacific Northwest. Our flies just taste better!

What we do

Catch Fly Fishing supplies the highest quality flies in the industry using only the finest materials and hooks. We operate all year providing the best incentives and incredible fill rates for our pre-season and spring for fall orders. Throughout the fishing season we also fill fly bins from our large inventory or tied up in the factory on demand.

Where we do it

Catch Fly fishing is headquartered in Billings, Montana and led by CEO, Eric Beebe. Accounting and operational support is conducted in Spokane, Washington.


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