Denver Outfitters

Denver Outfitters
Denver Outfitters
1250 Simms Street
Lakewood, CO 80401


About us


The company’s signature offering, the Denver Outfitters Rod Vault, was developed In 2010 by a local fly fisherman. The goal was to create the ultimate fly fishing product that protected gear, but optimized time on the water. Understanding the tradition of product innovation, quality, and pursuing your passions, new ownership took over in early 2018 to take Denver Outfitters to new heights. With a history of serial entrepreneurship, unwavering dedication to the customer, and new product development, our vision is to make Denver Outfitters the premier outdoor company enabling people everywhere to do more of what they love.

What we do

We make and sell rod vaults (rooftop carriers for fly rods).

Where we do it

Denver, Colorado


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