Freestone Fly Fishing Company

Freestone Fly Fishing Company
Peter Long
25022 36th Avenue
Aldergrove, WA V4W 1Z1

About us

In the summer of 2017, we first started discussing how we might attempt to build a company that revolved around getting flies and essential items to people on a subscription-style basis. Ourselves being passionate fly fishers, we know how important it is to have a steady flow of quality flies, so why not give people the opportunity to not only try new flies, but stock up on their favourite ones!

What we do

Our company is centered on a subscription based product that offers a dozen flies, informative reading material, goodies and essential items, and a 1 year TU membership delivered to your door every month. We also have one-time purchase products that range from company apparel to accessory and supply items available on our website.

Where we do it

We hail from the Pacific Northwest just north of the border in British Columbia, Canada. Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular in our home province, and has some if the best stillwater fishing in the world (which is our bread and butter!)


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