Mongolia Taimen Camps

Mongolia Taimen Camps
Dan, Jeff and Pat Vermillion
PO Box 668
Livingstorn, MT 59047-0668


About us


Sweetwater Travel pioneered Taimen fishing in Mongolia. After 21 successful seasons, and hundreds of happy fishermen, Mongolia remains one of the most unique fly fishing destinations in the world. Sweetwater has refined its operation and offers unrivaled expertise and comfort for the fly fisherman. After all if you are traveling all the way to Mongolia to fish, why wouldn’t you fish with the only group of guides who have been in Mongolia every year since 1995?  In our 21 years in Mongolia, we have broken just about every world record for Taimen on a fly rod.  Simply put, there is no other place in Mongolia where you have a better chance to catch, and release, the fish of a lifetime.

What we do

Clients will fish two to a boat.  Our guide staff at the camps consist of highly experienced guides, who are professionals and well respected in the fly fishing world. They are very personable and will do everything possible to make your fishing vacation in Mongolia a memorable one.

Where we do it

For most, just the opportunity to experience a pristine landscape, undeveloped river valleys lined with healthy forests or a pair of Mongolian riders driving their stock through a river meadow on a crisp fall morning is enough. But for the fly fishermen, Mongolia makes a great trip even better; it is home to the world’s largest trout that will attack your skated dry flies.  In fact our largest taimen yet, a 60 inch fish, was taken on a mouse pattern in a particularly narrow stretch of river.


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