Nantahala River Lodge

Nantahala River Lodge
Mickey Youmans
27395 Wayah Rd.
Topton, NC 28781

About us

Our family has been in the Nantahala area for three generations. The Nantahala River Lodge is a reflection of what we as a family feel for and care about the lands and waters of this magical area. We believe this Native American Proverb speaks for us all. "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

What we do

Our goal is to guide and support families, friends and fisherman to get the most from the experience of standing in a river. It is a heritage that needs to be experienced & preserved.

Where we do it

The Nantahala River Lodge sits on the banks of the upper Nantahala River and is centrally located between many of the best trout streams in western North Carolina. Our lodge is located on 1400 feet of the Delayed Harvest section of the Nantahala River. Walking distance from countless classic trout holding spots. The Lodge combines easy year round access to incredible trout fishing with countless wild trout and lake fishing areas nearby.


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