Jack McKinney
1925 Brooks St.
Missoula, MT 59801


About us


Over ten years ago, our founder Eric Siegfried sought to fill a personal need for better maps to help navigate private and public land boundaries with confidence. Over the last decade, onX has become the most trusted digital map for the outdoors with a popular app for your phone and an SD chip for your Garmin.

What we do

At onX, we work to provide a superior outdoor experience for you. We encourage you to find your next off-grid adventure in the backcountry just as much as we hope you take your family to the neighborhood pond. The onX app works on your phone, tablet, and personal computer with automatic updates and a map for every state. We combine data from our wildlife agencies and non-profit partners to create a product anyone can use. An onX GPS map shows your location with landowner names, aerial imagery, private/public property lines, access points, and allow for customized waypoints and tracking. You can share points with a friend and plan and review your adventure with friends on your desktop using your data collected in the field.

Where we do it

We are among the lucky ones who call Montana home. With offices in Missoula and Bozeman MT, opportunities for outdoor fun are in our back yards. Our staff consists of anglers, hunters, guides, climbers, cyclists, and general outdoor enthusiasts. We make products that fit our active lifestyles and encourage everyone to get outdoors.


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