Stonefly Nets

Stonefly Nets
Ethan Igleheart
11610 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Suite 103
Little Rock, AR 72223

About us

My first fly fishing was in the fall of 2014 on the Little Red River in Arkansas, and I was immediately hooked. In the past few years, I've enjoyed many opportunities to experience beautiful waters across the United States and meet other fantastic fly fishers. While I am relatively new to fly fishing, I have vast experience in woodworking and recently decided to combine my love for fly fishing and woodworking. The result is Stonefly Nets.

What we do

In today's world of mass produced products, Stonefly Nets is reclaiming that tradition of handcrafted care with our custom wood landing nets. Fly fishing is one of those activities that goes beyond merely catching fish. For me, it is series of memories and experiences, like a memory created by a 3wt. bamboo rod passed from my great grandmother to my father and ultimately to me. It is my hope and goal that when you use one of my nets it will become part of your lasting memories.

Where we do it

I am located in Little Rock Arkansas.


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