The Fly Fishing Shop

The Fly Fishing Shop
Mark Bachmann
67296 E. Hwy 26
Welches, OR 97067


About us


Celebrating 38 Years in Business!

The Fly Fishing Shop was founded in 1981 by Patty Barnes and Mark Bachmann. Our store is located with easy access to many fine trout, bass, and shad waters plus numerous year-round steelhead and salmon rivers. The surrounding rivers and lakes drain into the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Our home water is the Sandy River basin, much of which is designated as a wild fish sanctuary. Angling regulations require catch and release of all wild trout and steelhead and wild fish populations are growing healthier. Minutes from our door you can hook mint-bright steelhead any time of the year. In under an hour, you can fish four distinctively different watersheds. All have productive fishing year-round. We chose our location with convenience in mind and are lucky to live, work and fish in a rare sportsman's paradise.


What we do

Steelhead driven.

Trout, saltwater and warmwater experienced.

There's a lot to choose from in our store: 50,000 flies in stock and 130 different models of rods, just for starters! Coffee is free and it's laid back mountain-style, so you can take your time choosing. You can even try any rod in the back lot for an extended period and sharpen your casting skills. But don't worry, we can be quick, efficient and professional when you need us to be.

Where we do it

Guided trips available year around. We fish rivers in Northwestern Oregon that drain both sides of the Cascade Mountains in the lower Columbia River Basin. We have also hosted trips to Belize and Mexico.



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