Trout & Company

Trout & Company
Laurie Lane
5208 Cattle Drive
Missoula, MT 59807


About us


Trout & Company was started by fly fishing artist and entrepreneur, Laurie Lane. She believes the trout species is the most beautiful fish in the world and she's on a mission to do her part to protect the species and clean water. As a family-owned business, it is our goal to protect the environment for our children and inspire future stewards. Fly fishing is a family legacy. That's why we started Trout & Company and, it's why we donate our time, talent, and more with TU!

What we do

We are a mission based brand that creates artistic kits to entertain, educate, and inspire conservation of our trout and clean water. The patented STREAM based Trout Mobiles promote science, technology, recreation, engineering, art & design, and math. Kids of all ages love The Trout Mobile and if you love something you take care of it. We hope to continue to give back to organizations like TU, that protect what we love!

Where we do it

Beautiful Missoula, Montana


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