Watershed Artisans, Inc.

Watershed Artisans, Inc.
Craig Sponholtz
1000 Cordova Pl #832
Santa Fe, NM 87505

About us

Craig Sponholtz founded Watershed Artisans, Inc. in 2003 and has since worked throughout the Southwest, the Southern Rockies and internationally to design and implement stream and wetland restoration projects. He has a true passion for sharing knowledge and inspiration and is dedicated to educating practitioners in the evolving art of healing watersheds.

What we do

Watershed Artisans, Inc. provides assessment, planning, design, and construction services in river and wetland restoration and broad acre land rehydration as well as professional training and capacity development in watershed restoration and soil conservation.

Where we do it

Watershed Artisans, Inc. is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and primarily designs and constructs stream and wetland restoration projects in the mountains and valleys of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. We offer consultations, design and restoration assessment throughout the intermountain west and conduct professional trainings in watershed worldwide.


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