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 Trout Unlimited was founded on the banks of Au Sable River in Grayling, Michigan in July of 1959. A group of concerned Michigan anglers banded together to ensure the health of trout, their...
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Please send your photo to with “Photo Submission" in the subject line. By submitting this image, you are certifying that it was taken by you and you are granting Trout...
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Please keep TU updated with your most current contact information. This prevents you from missing out on member benefits such as the quarterly Trout magazine. It also allows your local chapter to...
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  Please see our TU Offices and Contact page. 
Date Updated: 2018-11-16 07:58
 Classified Ad Rates are $2 per word for members and $2.25 per word for non members. Phone numbers, addresses and emails are one word. Contact Samantha Carmichael at or (...
Date Updated: 2018-10-18 06:59
 The TU National Leadership Council is opposed to Chapters or Councils stocking non-native hatchery trout on top of native trout populations.To read more about this stance please visit:...
Date Updated: 2018-10-18 06:46
All of TU's financial information can be found online HERE.TU's EIN # is 38-1612715.
Date Updated: 2018-10-18 06:35
TU is a publicly supported 501(c)3 organized under a group exemption and because of this the IRS requires the following:Each entity (chapter and council) under the exemption has their own employer...
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