TU Businesses Program

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Find a TU Business

What is TU’s Businesses Program

TU Businesses are partners in helping anglers experience the passion of fishing and the peace that comes with being out on the water. As professionals in the fishing industry, our partners’ influence is unmatched when it comes espousing the benefits of fishing and educating anglers on the importance of protecting our angling resources in order to sustain our angling heritage. 

How the TU Businesses Program Works

We depend on our TU Business partners to convey TU’s conservation message to the angling community, and to serve as representatives of TU on the water. In return, our partners receive significant benefits, including a listing in our quarterly magazine, TROUT, a listing on our website and the ability to give free TU memberships to customers, clients and partners who understand and support TU’s mission to protect, reconnect and restore our nation’s trout and salmon watersheds. 

How to Become a TU Business Partner

If you have any questions, or would like to become a TU Businesses partner, simply contact Walt Gasson at (307) 630-7398, or via email at wgasson@tu.org.



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